On June 5th, 2021 Vault Tec will be servicing the Hawick and Meteor Fleeca Bank location for a routine penetration test by Vault Tec.
Please visit their website for information. Vault Tec Website

Welcome to FLEECA Bank

FLEECA Offers everything you've come to expect from a bank, but with one catch.

  • Higher Interest rates
  • Corrupt mortgage handling
  • Terrible Customer service
  • Closed more days than open

Okay, so that's more than one, but when you're in Los Santos; We're your best option, atleast we aren't as bad as the other guys. So put your faith in FLEECA, After all, It's time to start paying.

Our Best Services

24/7 Services

Our banks are "staffed" 24/7 so when you need "your" money, it's there.

Online Banking

We offer online banking because we have to!

Business Process

Our business is your business. Mind your own business.

Our customer support is number one compared to our competitors.

Call us at anytime, and we may pick up!